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Letter From The Trustees

Since its inception in 1982 the National Tourism Foundation has seen profound growth and change. Starting with meager funding and a good idea – to benefit the general public through the enhancement of education and research in the travel and tourism industry – the Foundation has grown to become a leader in travel and tourism education. To date the Foundation has awarded more than $1.5 million in scholarships and grants to students across North America. Our effectiveness as a philanthropic foundation created by the National Tour Association (NTA), an organization of nearly 4,000 tourism professionals, enables us to bring our vision of education and research to students and educators in schools across North America. Our goal is to continue to make the Foundation a source of pride for all of its supporters and the travel industry as a whole. By setting new standards, both in our internal operations and in our outreach activities, we have continued to fulfill our mission as an education and research organization. We are grateful to our growing number of donors and volunteers. Because of their support, the National Tourism Foundation has been able to provide and expand educational opportunities and research endeavors throughout North America. With your support, the National Tourism Foundation will continue to build a foundation for the future of the travel industry. We invite you to join us. Sincerely, NTF Board of Trustees