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Internship Programs

Los Medanos College Travel Internship Program
The Travel Internship Program is an excellent partnership between out travel program and the travel industry. Our internship model has been borrowed by other colleges and has been featured in the ICTA Travel Counselor Magazine. The Internship is very valuable for the host organization and our advanced travel students. The host organization benefits by getting a highly motivated assistant. You also have the opportunity to try out a prospective new employee. The intern gains valuable "on-the-job" experience and training. Our advanced students are interviewed and pre-screened before they are accepted into the internship program. They come to you with knowledge about fares and ticketing, computer reservations, sales techniques, geography and product knowledge based on the selection of elective courses they have completed ICTA's TAP (Travel Agent Proficiency) Test and many certified Destination Specialists. We are proud to send our "ambassadors" to you to complete an internship at your organization. How does the internship get started?
  • Please contact us to be registered in our travel internship program.
  • The Internship Coordinator may also contact you regarding an internship opportunity.
  • Interview the pre-screened internship candidate to determine his/her suitability for your organization.
  • Evaluate the internship goals of the student.
  • Sign an Internship contract along with the student intern, the Internship Coordinator and the Coop Education Coordinator of the college. A copy of this form is kept by each.
The Internship
  • The internship is usually for two months, usually in March-April or in October-November.
  • Students work 60 hours (eight hours a week) for one unit of college credit or 120 hours (16 hours a week) for tow units of college credit if they are not compensated.
  • If they are compensated or hired as a part-time employee, they work 75 hours (10 hours a week) for one unit of college credit or 150 hours (20 hours a week) for two units of college credit.
  • The work hours are mutually decided by the student and the host organization.
  • The Internship Coordinator monitors the student's progress along with you.
  • At the end of the internship, you evaluate the student on each goal listed on the original contract form.
Tips for the Supervisor at the Internship Organization For the internship to be successful for you and the intern, here are some suggestions. Please:
  • Introduce the intern to the other employees in your office on the first day.
  • Explain your company's policies and procedures to the intern.
  • Assign the intern with responsibilities and jobs to do until a routine is developed.
  • Monitor the work of the intern regularly and please don't assume that he/she knows what you know.
  • Make your expectations of the intern clear.
  • We recommend that the intern begin by job shadowing until the office procedures and your company's products and sales techniques become clear.
  • When you are the travel intern become more confident in his/her abilities, please continue to expand his/her learning by assigning more responsibilities to enable him/her to achieve the pre-established goals.
  • Some internship supervisors have given the intern test/assignments during the internship to better evaluate progress.
  • Each student intern is different, so the degree of responsibility you will assign will vary.
    Contacts at the College
    Please contact Ms. Kiran Kamath the Travel Internship Coordinator, at Los Medanos College 925- 439-2181 ext. 3349 for further information or assistance before or during the internship You may also contact Ms Raquel Rowe in the Employment Center/Cooperative Education office to establish an internship or for employment opportunities at your organization at 925-439-2181 ext. 3331.
    INVEST IN THE FUTURE! EMPLOY AN LMC TRAVEL INTERN! Los Medanos College 2700 East Leland Road Pittsburg, CA 94565 925-439-2181 925-427-1599 FAX