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National Academy Foundation (NAF)

THE NATIONAL ACADEMY FOUNDATION (NAF) is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) intermediary organization. Its mission is to sustain a notional network of career academies to support the development of America's youth toward pwesonal and professional success--in high school, in higher education, and throughout their careers. NAF currently operates Academies in three industry themes:
  • Finance
  • Travel & Tourism, and
  • information technology
NAF Academies, which are targeted to urban centers but also located within suburban and rural school districts, represent business/school partnerships that prepare young people for future careers through a combinatio of school- based curricula and work-based experiences. The industry component features paid internships, which provide students with a real-world context for their classtoom learning. NAF provides a full range of technical assistance and program support to all partners in the career academy effort Key to NAF's ability to support this mission are four core organizational beliefs:
  • Career academies support improved student achievement and motivation; they are a mechanism for whole-school reform; they provide an expanded pipeline for workforce development; and, NAF Academies actively encourage diversity in the workforce.
  • Quality career academies are built upon four pillars: industry-validated curriculum; staff development; local advisory boards; and, paid student internships.
  • Partnerships among schools, businesses, communities and government are critical to the success of career adademies.
  • Intermediary organizations--which bring together schools, businesses, communities and government--are essential to building and sustaining successful local and national partnership. www.naf-education.org