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Guidelines for the Silent & Live Auctions

All donations must arrive at the Foundation by Sept. 26, 2003, to be listed in the auction catalog. Incomplete items and those arriving after this date may appear in the addendum. All certificates must be valid through December 2004, unless seasonal. GENERAL GUIDELINES
  • Items must have a minimum retail value of $50 (U.S.).
  • Donor forms, tangible items, gift certificates and displays received after Sept. 26, 2003, along with any incomplete items may not appear in the official auction catalog or receive additional publicity. Donations arriving after Sept. 26, 2003, as well as those that are incomplete may appear in the catalog addendum, which will be printed at the NTA Convention in Charlotte.
  • The Foundation retains the right to return any donations deemed inappropriate or not meeting specified requirements. The Foundation will notify the donor of such items before the item is returned.
  • In order for the Foundation to return any display items, a box and packing material must accompany the display items.
  • The Foundation recommends that all items and certificates be shipped via parcel or carrier service.
  • All donor forms, items, correspondence and questions should be directed to the National Tourism Foundation Auctions, 546 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40508; 800-682- 8886; Fax: 859-226-4437. TANGIBLE ITEMS Tangible items include framed art, wine and culinary, handcrafted originals, regional potpourri, sports memorabilia and equipment, etc.
  • Used items, unless qualified as genuine antiques, are not acceptable.
  • Donors are encouraged to submit brochures from their company for presentation to buyers.
  • The item donated will serve as the display. Donors of travel packages, etc., may submit a separate display. The suggested size is no larger than 12 by 18 inches and the display must be free standing. Items that must be assembled for display are the responsibility of the donor. Prior arrangement must be made with the Foundation for setup at the NTA Convention. GROUP TOUR PACKAGES & COMPONENTS
  • Group tour packages must accommodate a minimum of 40 people.
  • All components of the package, including hotel accommodations, admission tickets, transportation, etc., must be available through December 2004 or clearly state specific tour dates, special events or seasonal restrictions.
  • Donation must be accompanied by a gift certificate or the like on company letterhead and must clearly specify all components of the package, dates, name of contact person and information necessary for the buyer to redeem it.
  • All-inclusive group tour packages with a minimum retail value of $30,000 will be featured in the Live Auction. MINI-VACATIONS, TRAVEL, ATTRACTIONS, & LODGING
  • Mini-vacations must have a minimum retail value of $300 (U.S.) and include at least two nights’ accommodations and other “vacation” oriented components, including attractions, sightseeing, dinners, etc.
  • All components of the package must be available through December 2004 with all details, dates, special events and information necessary to redeem the package clearly stated on the certificates or company letterhead. LIVE AUCTION In addition to the various items appearing in the Silent Auction throughout the week, certain items may be selected for the Foundation’s Live Auction. These items, chosen for their uniqueness, general appeal, value to the bidder, overall retail value and excitement are highlighted in separate promotional materials, as well as in a separate display area adjacent to the Silent Auction. All donations will be considered for the Live Auction, but no guarantees will be made. However, group tour packages with a minimum retail value of $30,000 and mini-vacations with a minimum retail value of $10,000 will be guaranteed a Live Auction position. PACKING & SHIPPING For best results, it is highly recommended that you consult with a professional packing company or postal representative prior to shipping any items. Please refer to the following suggestions when packing your item:
  • Use corrugated (2-ply) cardboard boxes and make sure all flaps, top and bottom, are secured and taped
  • Remove any old address labels or other previous shipping information
  • Items should be securely cushioned, preventing movement but absorbing shock
  • Assume everything is breakable -- clearly mark package as FRAGILE. SPECIAL CARE SHOULD BE TAKEN WHEN PACKING FRAMED ART AND PAINTINGS:
  • Edges should be protected from impact
  • Glass should be taped in an “X” shape with masking or water resistant tape
  • Frame should be surrounded by bubble wrap or foam, and then put in a cardboard box TAX INFORMATION Certain contributions to the National Tourism Foundation are deductible due to its nonprofit 501(c)(3) status. The tax laws regarding the tax-deductibility of charitable contributions are often complex. The Foundation suggests that you consult a tax advisor or other trained agent to determine the deductible amount, if any, for your donation. The National Tourism Foundation was created to benefit society through the support of education and research contributing to the values of travel and tourism. All proceeds from the silent and live auctions benefit the Foundation and its programs. National Tourism Foundation Auctions, 546 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40508 · 800-682-8886 · Fax: 859-226-4437