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Donation Ideas & Marketing Tips

  • Framed art that depicts your company, region, attraction, or that has been created in your region gives you double exposure.
  • Sports, sports, sports! Sports enthusiasts love sporting events and sports memorabilia such as signed items, clothing, pictures and equipment.
  • Unique or hard to find items only found in your region or area are always popular.
  • Mini-vacations for two or more people that include hotel accommodations, meals, tickets to theme parks, special attractions or concerts are a great way to acquaint people with your property, area activities and attractions.
  • Toys, dolls, train sets and stuffed animals are always hot sellers as gifts for children ... or adults.
  • Holiday items are popular due to the timing of the auctions.
  • Handcrafted items such as quilts from your region, furniture, clocks, sculptures, statues, woodcarvings or jewelry are a great idea.
  • Gift baskets filled with goodies such as food, clothing, candles, books, calendars or gardening items are a fun idea.
  • Put together a group tour package that will have tour operators rushing for the chance to bid on your package.
  • Signature items specific to your company or destination are always in demand. Operators can donate a vacation getaway on one of their packaged vacations.
Marketing Tips
  • Make your donation early. The earlier you make your donation, the more time the Foundation has to publicize it.
  • Include tangible items with travel packages. Items that a bidder can see or feel are more marketable.
  • Donate free items to the first few bidders. This will generate added excitement and attention to your item. An example of this could be donating a T-shirt from your company to the first five bidders on your item.
  • Promote your package to tour operators. If you are encouraging an operator to visit your property or area, you can promote your donation to the NTF silent & live auctions.
  • Talk about your donation. It's great publicity to show that you are giving to a worthy cause, and it helps to ensure that your package stands out to delegates.
  • Presentation is key. Displays for your item and even the item itself should be prepared so that they are pleasing to the eye and attract attention on its own. Keep in mind that there are guidelines, which must be met relative to size.
  • Be innovative! When deciding what to donate, remember items that are out of the ordinary or a signature item are always in high demand and market themselves.