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Travelers Conservation Foundation (TCF)

Washington, D.C. - SMITHSONIAN Magazine and the Travelers Conservation Foundation (TCF) have joined forces for the third annual SMITHSONIAN Magazine/TCF Sustainable Tourism Awards. The collaboration between SMITHSONIAN Magazine and TCF highlights their common goal of increasing awareness about environmental, cultural and wildlife conservation - both in the travel and tourism industries as well as for the 7.7 million monthly readers of SMITHSONIAN Magazine. "This year, the Sustainable Tourism Awards have been expanded to two categories of honor for organizations dedicated to sustainability," said SMITHSONIAN Magazine Publisher Amy Wilkins. "Last year's rush of award entries proved that there's never been a more opportune time to recognize those groups making strides in protecting and restoring the world's cultural and environmental resources." In 2003, two awards will be given, each with a cash prize of $20,000:
  • SMITHSONIAN Magazine/TCF Sustainable Tourism Award for Conservation The STSTAC is given annually to a person, company or institution in honor of work that enhances or conserves the physical environment. The recipient must demonstrate a clear connection between their endeavors and tourism.
  • Smithsonian Magazine/TCF Sustainable Tourism Award for Preservation The STSTAP is given annually to a person, company, or institution that supports preservation or restoration of historic or culturally significant entities. The recipient must demonstrate a clear connection between their endeavors and tourism.
An esteemed panel of judges from the fields of publishing, tourism and science will determine the three finalists for each award from nomination submissions solicited around the world. SMITHSONIAN Magazine readers will then select the winners via an online poll and Web site voting. Winners will be announced at the TCF Annual Conference in December 2003. The Michoacan Reforestation Fund was 2002 SMITHSONIAN Magazine/TCF Sustainable Tourism Awards winner. The Fund is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting forest ecosystem and habitat restoration programs in the Monarch Overwintering Areas of Michoacan, Mexico. For the past 32 years, SMITHSONIAN Magazine has grown to be one of the most successful magazines in publishing. With a circulation of more than two million subscribers, Smithsonian is now the 23rd largest magazine in America. Focusing on history, science, travel and the arts, every issue of SMITHSONIAN is a cultural journey. The Travelers Conservation Foundation was founded by the United States Tour Operators Association to help preserve, conserve and promote responsible use of our world's natural, cultural and historic treasures. This is achieved by supporting public awareness and conservation education programs and by investing strategically in globally significant projects through direct grants and funding partnerships. Through this work, TCF assumes a dynamic leadership role in protecting endangered sites for the benefit of future generations of travelers to appreciate and enjoy.
TOURISM - CARING FOR AMERICA A Program of the Travelers Conservation Foundation
What it is. Tourism - Caring for America is a volunteer program to help preserve, conserve and protect tourism-related sites in America that for various reasons are in need of care, clean up, or rejuvenation. Why it was created.
  • The Travelers Conservation Foundation realized that due to budget cutbacks and reduced workforces in cities, national parks, recreational areas and the like, areas that were important to the tourism industry were becoming unattractive and even endangered by lack of maintenance or by misuse. Without help, some are deteriorating to a point of no return and will be lost forever.
  • In 2001, President Bush asked Americans to volunteer 4000 hours in their lifetime to public service. Through Tourism - Caring for America, the tourism industry is answering the call.
  • The tourism industry can use a little good PR these days.
  • Tourism - Caring for America will demonstrate the size and impact of the tourism industry to the general public, governmental organizations, park services, and the tourism industry itself.
  • To bring the tourism industry together to work, network and give back, all at the same time.
What you can do.
  • Become involved.
  • Volunteer your time to help on a Tourism - Caring for America project.
  • Spread the work about Tourism - Caring for America in your state, city or community.
  • Become a sponsor of Tourism - Caring for America through monetary or in-kind services.
Ellis Island Tourism - Caring for America's Inaugural Project for 2003
Friday, June 13, 2003 Why Ellis Island? Print and perceived images of Ellis Island show the beautifully restored Ellis Island Immigration Museum. In truth, the museum occupies less than 25% of the island, the rest of which is in deplorable shape. Rundown buildings, broken windows, rampant overgrowth of weeds, weed trees and vines, landscapes covered with overgrowth and leaves ¨C all visible to the visitor as well as passengers on passing sightseeing boats and cruise ships. The views of this American icon from the Statue of Liberty are shameful. Through a partnership with the National Parks Service and the Save Ellis Island Foundation, the Travelers Conservation Foundation has scheduled this day of Caring for America, June 13, 2003 ¨C a day for the leaders of tourism to grab a rake, a shovel, a paint brush, etc. and make a difference. To become involved, contact:
Bruce Beckham, Executive Director Travelers Conservation Foundation 587 Washington Street Canton, MA 02021 781.821.5990 781.828.4319 fax bruce@tcfonline.org About the Travelers Conservation Foundation
Founded by the United States Tour Operators Association, the Travelers Conservation Foundation¡¯s mission is to involve the entire tourism industry in preserving, conserving and restoring the natural, cultural, and historic treasures of the world for future generations of travelers to appreciate and enjoy. Founded by members of the United States Tour Operators Association (USTOA) in 1999, the Travelers Conservation Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable foundatio and the philanthropic extension of the USTOA mission: "Integrity in Tourism." Through TCF and tax-deductible donations, USTOA members, their colleagues and customers help preserve the endangered sites that are the nery wellspring of the worldwide travle experience. www.tcfonline.org