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International Association of Scientific Experts in Tourism (AIEST)

AIEST is an international scientific society of a kind which may be found in other scientific fields. Its aims as they were outlined and laid down at the outset and drawn up in Article 3 of the By-laws, have proved themselves and remained unchanged in that form to this day. In accordance with them the Association endeavors to
  • foster friendly relations among its members;
  • to promote scientific activity on the part of its members, in particular by developing personal contacts, providing documentation and facilitating exchange of views and experiences;
  • to support the acivity of scientific institutes of tourism, and to develop relations between them, as well as between them and the members of the Association;
  • to organize and to cooperate in congresses and other meetings and courses on tourism of a scientific nature.
Therefore, AIEST may be considered as being the international catalyst of scientific activities in tourism. The Association does not itself directly engage in tourism research and education, but it endeavors to foster them as much as possible within the limits of its possibilities and those of existing institutions. www.aiest.org