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Ideas on Raising Money & Awareness for a Foundation Scholarship Fund

Ideas on Raising Money & Awareness for a Foundation Scholarship Fund There are a number of ways that you can support the National Tourism Foundation’s mission of education while raising money for scholarship funds. Here are some creative ideas: Cause for Celebration Chuck Yim Gee, dean emeritus at the University of Hawaii’s School of Travel Industry Management (TIM) celebrated his 70th birthday in August 2003, but his gifts came to the Foundation in the form of donations totaling more than $24,000. Gee’s birthday held special significance for him as a Chinese-American. It marked the beginning of his seventy-first year - a time of major celebration for men in the Chinese culture. “I decided to consent to a birthday party only if it was kind of a voluntary fundraiser,” said Gee. “I requested no personal gifts, but advised guests that they could make a tax-deductible donation to the Chuck Gee Scholarship.” Family, friends and industry associates around the world were invited to celebrate the beginning of Gee’s “lucky 8” decade. The festivities blended elements from Gee’s Chinese heritage and his American upbringing with the Hawaiian culture. A highlight was the Broadway-style production, a musical retrospective that traced his humble beginnings in San Francisco’s Chinatown during the Great Depression, his service in the Korean War, his early career in Colorado and his distinguished tenure at the University of Hawaii where he served as the Dean of the School of Travel Industry Management for 23 years. As a result, more than 100 donations were received in honor of Gee, and the scholarship fund surpassed its endowment by more than $22,000. The first Chuck Gee-Hawaii Scholarship will be awarded in the amount of $1,500 in 2004 thanks to the generosity of Chuck Gee’s family and friends. A Win-Win Jim Host, former CEO of Lexington, Ky-based HOST Communications, Inc. and Bob Buesing of East Coast Touring Company in Easton, Penn. decided to take a friendly sports rivalry one step farther for the sake of the Foundation’s scholarship program. They made a wager on the UK-Penn State football game. After Penn State’s victory, Host made a $100 donation. In a letter accompanying the check, he wrote, “It was a lot of fun and good competition. If I had it to do all over again, I’d do it again - all for a good cause.” Branson Fest 2002 The Branson/Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau raised $10,000 for the Yellow Ribbon Scholarship Fund by setting aside a portion of the proceeds from their Branson Fest 2002 motorcoach ticket sales. Members of the Branson community worked hard to make Branson Fest 2002 both a successful kick-off to their tourism season and a success for the Foundation. The Yellow Ribbon Scholarship is an annual award that is given to a student with a physical or sensory disability studying travel and tourism at the post-secondary level. It is the largest award currently administered by the Foundation. Splish Splash Bus Bath To help Massachusetts reach a $10,000 goal to activate an annual $1,000 award, the group tour committee of the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce held a Splish Splash Bus Bath in September 2000. They offered a free bath for motorcoaches in an effort to promote a positive image of tourism and to create awareness of the group tour industry. Volunteers washed 20 motorcoaches during the event, and as the day progressed the event became a car wash as well. In the end, NTA President Mark Hoffman was presented with a check totaling $4,180 which enabled Massachusetts to receive scholarship benefits for their residents in the travel and tourism field. Other ideas: 1. Hold a raffle during your state’s governor’s conference or any annual meeting. 2. Challenge a colleague to see which one of you can donate the most sought-after item to the Foundation’s auctions at the National Tour Association’s annual convention, or pick an item and try to outbid one another. 3. Consider a direct mail solicitation to other tour professionals in your state. The letter should give an explanation of the Foundation and its programs. It should also include the history of your scholarship and the goal amount of your scholarship endowment. 4. Alert the media. Let the local media know about your fundraising initiative. This is a great way to inform your community about your cause, and you can show appreciation for those who are helping you at the same time. The National Tourism Foundation can provide you with additional advice as well as assistance with news releases and solicitation letters. If your organization has a creative way of promoting your scholarship program, please share it with us. You may contact the National Tourism Foundation at 800-682- 8886 or ntf@ntastaff.com.