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CTP Papers

CTP CERTIFICATION SERIES These research papers were written by Certified Tour Professionals as partial fulfillment for the National Tour Association’s CTP designation. In an effort to provide tour professionals with a useful library of recent industry resources, these papers are available through the National Tourism Foundation. To order a paper, simply indicate the title of the paper(s) you would like and send it with a check or money order to the National Tourism Foundation, 546 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40508. The cost of each paper is $2.00. CERTIFIED TOUR PROFESSIONAL RESEARCH PAPERS A CASE STUDY AND RESEARCH PAPER ON HOW TO RUN AN EFFECTIVE FAMILIARIZATION TRIP AND THE ETHICAL CONCERNS OF FAM TRIPS BY SUPPLIERS AND DMOS Mel Tye, CTP, Tye’s Top Tour & Travel (1997) The goal of this paper is to assist tour operators, suppliers and DMOs in converting the non-productive FAM trip into a successful marketing tool while establishing guidelines that others can use when running FAM trips. Ethical questions of operating FAM trips are answered from the tour operator and supplier perspectives. A MARKETING PLAN PROMOTING NTA TOUR OPERATORS TO TRAVEL AGENTS Dawn Pettus, CTP, National Tour Association (1997) Travel agents represent huge market potential for tour operators. The National Tour Association and its tour operator members have much to offer travel agents and vice- versa. Through the comprehensive plan of the TAP-NTA program, travel agents will come to recognize NTA tour operators as the first stop when selling packages and tours. A STEP BY STEPGUIDE FOR DEVELOPING AN ASSOCIATION’S BUDGET Bob Livesay, CTP, National Tour Association (1997) Budgeting is an important tool for any association to utilize in order to make sound accounting decisions and to assist it in moving forward, enabling the benefits in belonging to the association to grow. This paper provides a detailed guide in developing and managing an association’s budget. ALASKA TRAVEL FAIR: A MODEL FOR BRINGING THE MARKETPLACE TO THE MARKET Sharon Gaiptman, CTP Alaska Division of Tourism (1996) The goals of the Alaska Travel Fair are to better educate and expose tour operators to the product they are already selling, better educate and expose Alaska Suppliers to tour operators, provide Alaska Suppliers with an opportunity to participate in a “marketplace” with pre-scheduled appointments and create a low cost but effective marketing tool for the state. ANALYSIS OF CANCELLATIONS: HOW BIG IS THE PROBLEM? IS THERE A SOLUTION? Sarah Willoughby, CTP, Winterthur Museum & Gardens (1999) Cancellations are a fact that we all have to live with; however, it does appear that there is an opportunity to reduce cancellations through improved partnering with other attractions and hotels. This paper provides steps in how we can reduce cancellations through partnerships. BUILDING SUCCESSFUL TOUR OPERATOR-SUPPLIER PARTNERSHIPS Steve Shay, CTP, Landscape Tours, Inc. (1997) Investigating the necessary relationship between tour operators and suppliers, this paper focuses on several aspects of the tour operator – supplier partnership, including the common misconceptions of suppliers relative to the group tour market; and the three basic elements involved in forming a loyal, long-term and successful tour operator – supplier partnership: service excellence, value and ethical/loyal business practices. CHANGING AN ASSOCIATION FROM A TO Z Patricia Thomas, CTP, Circle Michigan, Inc. (2000) The purpose of this document is to walk through the normal life changes of a small non-profit association, 501 c-6, and the changes that were instituted to bring life to an association that once was the founder and leader of any other state association in the United States, but failed to be a competitive force. CONDUCTING FAM TOURS: LOOKING FROM THE OUTSIDE IN FAM TOURS ARE A VERY IMPORTANT PART OF MARKETING A DESTINATION Nancy Foster, CTP, St. Petersburg/Clearwater Area Convention & Visitors Bureau (1999) Taking the time to plan a FAM properly can result in increased visitation to the destination within a short period of time. This paper reviews each step of efficiently conducting a FAM tour. CREATING BALANCE FOR TOUR DIRECTORS THROUGH CONTINUING EDUCATION AND TRAINING Patricia Hunting, CTP, Tauck World Discovery (1999) This paper teaches tour directors to balance his/her life and work in order to reduce stress and burnout and allows him/her to focus on the rewards offered in this career. Offering a win-win situation, the author explains the benefits for both the tour operator and the tour director. DMO MARKETING TO TOUR COMPANIES...A SUCCESSFUL SALES APPROACH Dawn Tyron, CTP, Washington County Visitors Association (1996) The Washington Co. Visitors Association needed to reevaluate, redeploy, and change focus from a mostly reactive standpoint to an actively selling organization, to include the convention sales and group tour markets. This paper addresses the process of refocusing on the group tour market specifically. EFFECTIVE USE OF PROMOTIONAL MERCHANDISE AS A MARKETING TOOL Sandy Hanlon, CTP, National Tour Association (1997) This paper focuses on using instrumental promotional merchandise to further advance your business. Listing various marketing ideas, the paper teaches how one supplier or DMO can rise above another and capture the tour operators’ attention. FITNESS TRENDS IN THE TOURISM INDUSTRY...HOW TO STAY HEALTHY WHILE TRAVELING Becky OhostaRose, CTP (1996) Most ailments that affect travelers are completely preventable. With a minimum of planning, good health away from home can be automatic. The combination of good health and fitness habits can enhance the travel experience. FIVE PRINCIPLES OF QUALITY MANAGEMENT APPLIED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF A TOUR COMPANY Kathy LeTarte, CTP, New Horizons Tour & Travel (1999) This paper explains how to apply five steps to a company that ensures quality. The paper defines quality as “Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives.” GET OUT OF THE PAST. UPGRADE INTO THE PRESENT. PROGRAM FOR THE FUTURE. (THE CHALLENGES OF UPGRADING THE INNER WORKINGS OF A PROFESSIONAL TOUR OPERATOR.) Barb McConnell, CTP, Capital Tours (2001) This paper focuses on upgrading the professional tour operator’s data entry and record keeping systems. Specifically, the author examines the database program, FileMaker Pro5, and how it can be adapted to an individual tour operator’s preferences and needs. HOW TO DEVELOP A TRAINING PROGRAM FOR TOUR DIRECTORS Reay Wallace, CTP , Aquila Tours(1999) This paper intends to provide information on the basic elements for consideration when developing a training program for tour directors, and ultimately meeting the needs of today’s new travel consumer. The paper offers information on what is involved in a tour director’s position, required training and continuing education. MOTORCOACH MARKETING MIX Julie D. Payne, CTP (1996) This paper discusses the several different marketing techniques to initiate demand in motorcoach travel. Discussed are plans for determining a marketing plan and the promotional mix of advertising, direct mail, public relations, publicity, personal selling and sales promotion. MOVING THE NATIONAL TOUR ASSOCIATION TOWARD GLOBAL TRADE Hank Phillips, CTP, President, National Tour Association (2000) The overall purpose of this paper is to provide information and perspectives on what is emerging as a global – international inbound and outbound – initiative by NTA. The paper also reviews NTA’s history regarding global programming and policy decisions and identifies core issues that exist with respect to NTA’s involvement in the global marketplace. OPERATING AND MARKETING SPECIAL EVENT TOURS Suzanne Slavitter, CTP, Sports Empire (1996) This paper discusses the major components of planning and operating a special event tour as well as ways to market them. SERVICING THE TOUR OPERATOR Janet Morphew, CTP, Burnsville Convention & Visitors Bureau (2000) This paper provides information on how tour suppliers and DMOs can help ensure a successful future in your efforts to bring group tour business to your community through working with and meeting the needs of the tour operator. SMALL TOWN SURVIVAL OF THE NEW TOURISM ENVIRONMENT VIA CONVENTION & VISITOR BUREAUS Cathleen Lindauer, CTP, Belleville Tourism (2000) This paper researches the economic impact of how Convention & Visitor Bureaus can assist small towns establishing themselves in the travel industry. Within the last 30 years, increasing emphasis has been to establish local communities as destinations through CVBs. STEP UP WITH STEP-ONS Barbara Oswell, CTP, Duluth Convention & Visitors Bureau (1996) Step-on guide service can enhance a tour operators itinerary, create a positive experience for clients and increase business at local facilities. This paper discusses the benefits of a step-on guide service, how to implement this service and future expansion ideas. THE DEVELOPMENT OF EFFECTIVE AND INFORMATIVE DRIVER BINDERS FOR NON-ESCORTED TOURS Wayde Fullmer, CTP, Main Street Tours, Inc. (1997) By using the services and information provided through membership in the National Tour Association and supplying their offices and personnel with other materials readily available, tour operators can develop, maintain and utilize effective resource libraries. Carefully developed driver binders can be used to provide information that can assist drivers and group leaders to conduct safe, informative and successful tours. THE RELATIONSHIP BETWEEN THE TOUR OPERATOR AND THE MOTORCOACH COMPANY Donna Calvi, CTP, Dattco Bus Company (2000) Since 1925 when Arthur Tauck arranged his first group tour for several of his friends, the relationship between the bus company and the tour operator began. From that point, operators have been working with bus companies to provide a complete tour package for their clients. These relationships are developed throughout the world. TOUR OPERATORS AND TRAVEL AGENTS: BUILDING PARTNERSHIPS Maureen Taylor, CTP, Cardinal Travel Tours, Inc. (2000) This paper examines the benefits of consolidation in the tourism industry. Travel agents and tour operators can work together as partners for mutual gains and prosperity. TRAVEL AND TOURISM EDUCATION IN HIGH SCHOOL Milton Fort, CTP, CTIS, Mesa Convention & Visitors Bureau (1999) This paper reviews some of the resources available to the student wishing to prepare for employment in the hospitality industry while still in high school. Areas of review include: education standards, career opportunities, leadership training and a sample of the association helping high schools throughout the U.S. and North America prepare curriculums of instruction. CERTIFICATION SERIES ORDER FORM* TITLE QTY COST* $ $ $ $ $ *Please enclose $2.00 for each certification series paper ordered. TOTAL $