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National Tourism Foundation Resource Catalog

PREFACE The National Tourism Foundation is proud to make available to you this resource catalog. The resources contained in this catalog are the result of commissioned research, sponsored research awards, and materials that unite the tourism industry with higher education. The Foundation was chartered in 1982 to enhance the packaged tour and travel industry in North America. The Foundation’s mission is to benefit society through the support of education and research contributing to the values of travel and tourism, including personal enrichment, community development, heritage and natural preservation, and cultural understanding. Its Board of Trustees, which sets policy and direction for the Foundation, consists of leaders from the travel industry, academia and corporate entities. The National Tourism Foundation, through its mission, strives to:
  • Enhance the quality of education programs and processes in support of a more qualified work force and professionalism in providing travel related services to the traveling public;
  • Improve the quality, scope and use of tour and travel research and resource information for the betterment of planning, developing and marketing of tourism products; and
  • Create awareness among the public and related industries of the value of tourism.
The Foundation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) organization supported by private endowments, gifts, and other personal and corporate contributions. The Foundation, for the past 20 years, has provided assistance in the support of students’ research projects which are of value to the tour and travel industry. The views reflected in the results of such projects are not necessarily those of the National Tourism Foundation. To order any of these materials, scroll to the bottom of this page. If you are ordering Foundation resource materials or certification papers, make checks payable to the National Tourism Foundation. THE HARD ADVENTURE GROUP TRAVELER VERSUS THE SOFT ADVENTURE GROUP TRAVELER Jasmine Goodnow 2000 NTF Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cost: $25.00 AMERICAN PERCEPTIONS OF CUBA AS A RE-EMERGING CARIBBEAN TOURIST DESTINATION Lawrence Huntley 1992 NTF Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cost: $25.00 This research identifies the special interests of Americans and what most attracts them to choose Cuba as a vacation destination and determines who may be potential visitors to the country. A DIVERSITY OF VISITORS: A REPORT ON VISITORS TO THE NATIONAL PARK SYSTEM National Park Foundation 1990 NTF Research Grant Recipient Cost: Free This report details some of the results of the Visitor Service Project studies conducted since 1985 and highlighting some of the 1988-1989 park findings. Its purpose is to illustrate the diversity of visitors to the national park system. ECOSERV: AN EXAMINATION OF SERVICE QUALITY EXPECTATIONS OF THE ECOTOURISTS Maryam M. Khan Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University 1995 Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cost: $15.00 This research examines the relationship between ecotourist’s environmental attitude, environmental behavior, travel motivation, value dimension, and their quality service expectations. ECOTOURISM “ATTITUDES OF TOUR OPERATORS” Jerome Agrusa 1991 Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Texas A&M University Cost: Free This research provides information on current and future practices in the development and marketing of Ecotourism as an escorted tour product. ECOTOURISM BIBLIOGRAPHY: AN INFORMATION SOURCE GUIDE Cost: $50.00 This bibliography was compiled for the National Tourism Foundation to serve as an information and reference source on ecotourism for use by business, government, academia, and others interested in tourism. There is considerable debate about what ecotourism is. Definitions of ecotourism abound, but a workable one is responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the culture, and sustains the social and economic well-being of people. EFFECTS OF DISTRIBUTION CHANNEL LEVEL ON TOUR PURCHASING ATTRIBUTES AND INFORMATION SOURCES Charles R. Duke and Margaret A. Persia 1992 Clemson University Cost: Free This report discusses the differences between clients of tour operators and clients of travel agents and the attributes important to escorted tour participants. THE EMPLOYEE WITH DISABILITIES: A SOLUTION TO THE PROPOSED LABOR SHORTAGE Illana Brajer 1992 NTF Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cornell University Cost: Free This research discusses the value of employers hiring persons with disabilities. The paper also discusses the management styles that best motivate employees with disabilities. GROUP LEADER INDEX Davidson-Peterson Associates, Inc. 1995 NTF Commissioned Research Cost: NTA Members - No Charge Non-members - $45.00 each A panel of North America group leaders was established for this study which examines the trends and travel habits of group leaders. The report discusses demographics, current travel patterns, future travel plans, types of groups for which group leaders coordinate trips and desired tour types. GROUP TRAVEL REPORT Longwoods Travel USA 1990 Commissioned Research Cost: $50.00 This study examines in detail how both group tour and independent travelers view the benefits or disadvantages of escorted group tours. And, it provides a report card on the job being done by tour operators in meeting the needs of their customers. MATURE TRAVELER BIBLIOGRAPHY: AN INFORMATION SOURCE GUIDE Cost: $50.00 This bibliography was compiled for the National Tourism Foundation to serve as an information and reference source on the mature traveler for use by business, government, academia, and others interested in tourism. As our nation’s population continues to age this market segment will become more important. MATURE TRAVELERS’ MOTORCOACH TOUR SELECTION AND SATISFACTION Cathy H.C. Hsu, PhD, Kansas State University 1998 CHRIE Grant Recipient Cost: Free The purpose of this study was to identify criteria used by mature (55+) motorcoach travelers in tour selection and to evaluate their satisfaction with their most recent motorcoach travel experience. NATIONAL TOURISM FOUNDATION INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES LIST Cost: Free NTF maintains a list of more than 100 internship opportunities with NTA members across North America. The Foundation acts as a liaison between tourism students and NTA members, which offer internships. The list is categorized by the type of company which offers an internship: Tour Operator, Tour Supplier and Destination Marketing Organization. NATIONAL TOURISM FOUNDATION SCHOOLS LIST Cost: Free NTF’s schools list contains more than 600 schools and universities, which offer tourism-related programs. These schools offer one or more of the following programs: certificate programs, associate, bachelors, masters and doctorate degrees. THE PRICE COMPETITIVENESS OF TRAVEL AND TOURISM Larry Dwyer 1998 TTRA Travel Grant Recipient University of Western Sydney, Australia Cost: Free This paper presents findings and conclusions from the examination of the price competitiveness of 19 tourism destinations. Using Australia as a base country, the paper compares the prices of a bundle of tourist goods and services in a range of competing destinations, through the development of indexes of international price competitiveness. The method of constructing price competitiveness indexes employed in this study can be used to compare the price competitiveness of tourism destinations worldwide. A PROCESS FOR DEVELOPING AN ENVIRONMENTAL CODE OF ETHICS FOR THE ESCORTED TOUR INDUSTRY Wayne Clissold-Hoyle 1990 Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cost: $20.00 This research examines the impacts of escorted tourism on the environment, and the usefulness of environmental codes of ethics in the mitigation of these impacts. RELATIONSHIP SELLING AND TRUST: ANTECEDENTS AND OUTCOMES Gila Gabay Ben-Rechav 1999 Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Portland State University Cost: $30.00 This study contributes to the existing literature of relationship marketing in that it tested theorized yet unexplored relationships between benefits provided to relational customers and customer loyalty. Relationship selling is a successful strategy that depends on a high level of trust as a precondition that enables companies to extract business in existing markets, to enhance loyalty, market share, business share, image, and sales. THE TOURISM SATELLITE ACCOUNT Jim Lee 1992 NTF Travel Research Award Cost: Free (British Columbia Ministry of Development Trade & Tourism) (A program of the Travel and Tourism Research Association) This research outlines in detail the methodology and progress of the “Satellite” Tourism Account, as a means of assessing the impact of tourism spending on the economy. USING ENVIRONMENTAL BELIEFS AND ATTITUDES OF RURAL COMMUNITY HOSTS AND GUESTS TO ESTABLISH SUSTAINABLE TOURISM DEVELOPMENT Kevin William Larkin 1998 Luray Caverns Research Grant Recipient Cost: $20.00 This research compares residents’ attitudes toward tourism to residents’ and tourists’ satisfaction with an area based on their environmental beliefs. The study emphasizes the point that despite economic rhetoric, the perceived quality of the environment and the community dynamics are the most important factors in determining the success or failure of a tourism development. NATIONAL TOURISM FOUNDATION RESEARCH MATERIALS ORDER FORM TITLE QTY COST $ $ $ $ $ TOTAL $ Make checks payable in U.S. funds to National Tourism Foundation. Send all orders to: National Tourism Foundation, Research Request, 546 E. Main St., Lexington, KY 40508 (859) 226-4251 or (800) 682-8886, ext. 4251 (859) 226-4437 (Fax) Email: ntf@ntastaff.com www.ntfonline.org — www.ntaonline.com Please ship order to: COMPANY CONTACT ADDRESS CITY STATE/PROV. ZIP/POSTAL CODE PHONE EMAIL