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Sources for International Marketing Research

Tourism Industries, Department of Commerce - www.ita.doc.gov
  • Analysis Reports such as "Top Destinations Visitied Analysis"
  • Market Research Reports (for sale) such as "In-Flight Survey on Overseas Travelers to the US"
  • TI News - free electronic updated data including upcoming events
Travel Industry Association of America - www.tia.org
  • International Visitors Information Systems (IVIS) Includes:
  • International Tourims Overview
  • Countries at a Glance
  • Market Share Indicators (MSI)
  • Population Information
  • IVIS Sources
  • International Marketing for Travel & Tourism Report
US Department of Transportation - www.dot.gov
  • Bureau of Transportation Statistics www.bis.gov includes monthly updates and transportation indicator reports
  • Office of Airline Information (most current: 1995 U.S. International Air Passenger and Freight Statistics)
International air Transport Association - www.iata.org
  • Bureau of Transportation customer Focus Guide
  • BSP TravelLink – new service
World Tourism Organization - www.world-tourism.org
  • Global information with standard data collection; not all countries have same level of detail.
World Tourism Council - www.wttc.org
  • Economic Research reports
Tourism Business Roundtable - www.tbr.org
  • Recently launched the TBR/WTTC Index of Leading Economic Indicators (monthly report online)
US Department of Commerce (US Commercial Services) - www.sce.doc.gov/us.html
  • Showcase Europe reports on US exports to Europe with Travel & Tourism section